In Depth: Samsung Galaxy S4: 10 things we expect to see

In Depth: Samsung Galaxy S4: 10 things we expect to see

There's been a tidal wave of leaks, rumours and reports from those dubious "upstream supply chain sources" surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the final details are still up for debate - luckily we'll find out for sure tomorrow.

In the meantime we've analysed all the details from around the world and pulled together a list of specifications we reckon Samsung will slap into the Galaxy SIV.

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1. Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will probably sport a 5-inch screen with a full HD display which will put it up against the likes of the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

Samsung is pretty keen on Super AMOLED screen technology and we wouldn't be surprised if it brought back the "Plus" variant it used on the wonderful Galaxy S2 for an additional boost in colour.

2. Processor

There's a big debate over whether Samsung will stick with the tried and tested quad-core chips you find in the likes of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, or if it's going to go all out and stick an octo-core processor inside the Galaxy SIV.

Our money is on the quad-core option kicked up to at 1.8GHz as it will be much kinder on the battery, but we're certainly not willing to stake our mortgages on it.

3. Camera

Samsung has stuck with an 8MP snapper for its past two flagship smartphones so it'll be no surprise if the Galaxy S4 rocks up with an improved offering.

We reckon Samsung will equip the SIV with a 13MP camera round the back, while a boost to the front facing camera is also highly likely.

4. Operating system

This is possibly the easiest spec to call as we can be pretty sure the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be running the latest version of Android Jelly Bean which is 4.2.1, with a refreshed version of the TouchWiz interface slapped over the top.

5. Chassis

With the likes of the iPhone 5, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z sporting a variety of glass and metallic finishes we were hoping the Samsung Galaxy S4 would follow suit, but sadly it looks like we're going to be stuck with the same old plastic finish as the S3 - boo!

6. Smart Scrolling

A rumour that has gathered pace over the last few weeks is that the S4 will feature Smart Scrolling. This apparently gives you the ability to scroll the page on screen with your eyes - look no hands! - and is expected to debut on the new flagship and may even come to the S3 too.

7. Wireless charging

Wireless charging isn't anything new but Samsung looks set to build proper functionality into the S4 after it briefly mentioned it at the Galaxy S3 launch last year but never really delivered.

8. Battery

Expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery to be given a boost over the 2100mAh offering found in the S3, as the power hungry screen and processor will be demanding a lot - we just hope Samsung has done enough to the battery management for it to last a whole day.

9. Home button

Murmurs that Samsung is looking to ditch its famous physical home key have been doing the rounds since pre-Galaxy S3 times and, while there are still hints that the Galaxy S4 could be the phone to wave goodbye to the button, we reckon the old reliable will still feature on this handset.

10. Release date and price

No one can quite match Apple when it comes to turning round a product after the launch event, with the Cupertino firm's products generally hitting shelves around a week after the announcement.

Everyone else seems to take a month or two to get the first devices rolling off the production line and therefore to expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date pop up towards the end of April/beginning of May.

In terms of the Galaxy S4 price, well you may need that couple of extra months to start saving as this will be the flagship handset for Samsung in 2013 and thus will command a princely price tag.


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